Frustrated with Replicating Claims of a Shared Model? A Solution
Publication Year:
  Abdul Dakkak, Cheng Li, Jinjun Xiong

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) innovations are being introduced at such a rapid pace that model owners and evaluators are hard-pressed analyzing and studying them. This is exacerbated by the complicated procedures for evaluation. The lack of standard systems and efficient techniques for specifying and provisioning ML/DL evaluation is the main cause of this "pain point". This work discusses common pitfalls for replicating DL model evaluation, and shows that these subtle pitfalls can affect both accuracy and performance. It then proposes a solution to remedy these pitfalls called MLModelScope, a specification for repeatable model evaluation and a runtime to provision and measure experiments. We show that by easing the model specification and evaluation process, MLModelScope facilitates rapid adoption of ML/DL innovations.


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