HyperLink   Efficient Compilation of Fine-grained SPMD-threaded Programs for Multicore CPUs
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  John A. Stratton, Vinod Grover, Jaydeep Marathe, Baastian Aarts, Mike Murphy, Ziang Hu, Wen-mei Hwu
  Proceedings of the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization, April 2010

In this paper we describe techniques for compiling fine-grained SPMD-threaded programs, expressed in programming models such as OpenCL or CUDA, to multicore execution platforms. Programs developed for manycore processors typically express finer thread-level parallelism than is appropriate for multicore platforms. We describe options for implementing fine-grained threading in software, and find that reasonable restrictions on the synchronization model enable significant optimizations and performance improvements over a baseline approach. We evaluate these techniques in a production-level compiler and runtime for the CUDA programming model targeting modern CPUs. Applications tested with our tool often showed performance parity with the compiled C version of the application for single-thread performance. With modest coarse-grained multithreading typical of today's CPU architectures, an average of 3.4x speedup on 4 processors was observed across the test applications.

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