HyperLink   Compiler Support for Multiple-instruction-issue Architectures
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  Pohua P. Chang
  PhD Thesis. Unversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1992.

This dissertation demonstrates that substantial speedup over that for conventional single-instruction-issue architectures can be achieved by multiple-instruction-issue architectures with the support of an optimizing compiler. We have constructed a full-scale C compiler that can learn the dynamic behavior of user programs by profiling, apply the profile information to guide various code improving techniques, and map the program parallelism onto the parallel architecture. Our base code optimization technology is comparable to today's best commercial C compilers. In addition, we have developed aggressive code generation techniques that are tailored to multiple-instruction-issue architectures. Using our compiler, we have characterized the performance of a large class of multiple-instruction-issue architectures with many important application programs and realistic input data.