HyperLink   Applying Scalable Interprocedural Pointer Analysis to Embedded Applications.
Publication Year:
  Hillery C. Hunter, Erik M. Nystrom, Wen-mei Hwu
  Workshop on Compilers and Tools for Constrained Embedded Systems, September 2004

This paper evaluates six different types of interprocedural pointer analyses on 22 telecommunication and media applications and describes their application to an SRAM power reduction technique. This configurable SRAM provides differentiation of data access time and port counts within a single on-chip structure. Scheduling for configurable SRAM relies on inter-procedural dependence analysis for safe assignment of program data objects to on-chip
storage regions with little or no performance degradation. It thus provides a meaningful vehicle for exploring the applicability of and need for various interprocedural analysis techniques, as well as a demonstration of how compilation and hardware techniques can be combined to achieve optimization beyond that for performance.